Christopher & Whitney | 10.05.2013

Earlier this month I had the joy of photographing Christopher and Whitney’s beautiful wedding at the Goei Center in Grand Rapids.  I loved every carefully thought-out detail, and this couple could not have been more gracious, classy, and kind (not to mention good-lookin’)!  The day was filled with a few nerves, tenderness, laughter, thoughtful blessings, and joyful celebration!  Watching Chris and Whitney throughout their wedding day, and seeing the range of emotions experienced by them and their loved ones, it was certainly a privilege to witness, and it is so special to see people fully engaged in these moments.  It was, and always has been, the thing I like best about photographing weddings.  I am so very happy for both of them, and wish them every blessing through the coming years!

So, I’m struggling to articulate my feelings about this particular wedding, in addition to the couple being utterly incredible, the event being magazine-worthy gorgeous, and my fabulous assistant Sam helping make the day a total blast (and providing some photos that made me sit back in my chair and clap with excitement!), this was the last wedding I plan to shoot for my business, at least for a while.  Who knows what the future holds… but I had my own set of mixed emotions, and it was pretty overwhelming to think of all that I have seen and the amazing people I have met.  It has been a wonderful, wonderful chapter in my life.  I could not have asked for a better couple to work with, as I take a step away from something that has meant so much to me for the past five years.  You two, thank you so much for choosing me to capture your stunner of a wedding!  I can’t say much else now, because I’m getting a bit choked up!  So, without further ado, here are my favorites from Christopher and Whitney’s big day…

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