Cora Lynn’s Birth

A little while ago Jenn contacted me about possibly photographing the birth of their third child. I was of course excited about the idea, and let her know all the details…  there are so many unknowns, there is always a possibility it won’t work out for me to be there. She kept me posted over the past week or so, and yesterday I was excited to see a text in the morning that contractions were starting! When things became more intense later in the afternoon, she went to the hospital, was admitted, and before long, it was go time! I am glad I arrived when I did, and that I was able to hold my hands steady to capture the smoothest, calmest (and quickest) birth I have ever witnessed! Maybe my hands weren’t shaking, but it felt like the rest of me was! What an absolute honor and privilege to witness a new life entering the world! Jenn was strong and calm and amazing, and JJ was a perfect support to her. Both of their mothers also had the joy of seeing their newest granddaughter’s birth, and everyone was just in awe! After Cora was born, Jenn held her against her chest and marveled at her, constant smiles all around. Congratulations again, I look forward to seeing little Cora (and her big brother and sister) grow, and may you always remember this moment!After a quick check, the doctor said the baby was ready to be born, and Jenn was in a slight state of shock that it was already time! Everyone thought there would be a bit more waiting. Clearly she was excited and ready!

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