Megan – Senior Session

The weekend we moved into our home (almost 9 years ago), we were greeted by six wonderful people: our neighbors Carl and Hollie, and their four kids, all standing on our front porch with a welcoming gift – some sort of baked goods, if I recall – and friendly introductions. I remember the four little blonde children gathered there (what an adorable bunch), and one of us was holding our Lucy, who was one year old, as we stood in the doorway, tired from the stress and work of moving. That was the start of a great friendship with the best neighbors we could ever ask for! Those kids have grown up a lot in the past nine years. Most notably, their oldest daughter Megan, who is beginning her senior year at Hudsonville! Megan is a sweet, fun, kind girl. As her next door neighbor I have known her always to have character and class, which I admire so much. Whatever she decides to do after high school, she will be led by her good heart and strong convictions, and her parents are undoubtedly so proud of who she has become! So, when they asked if I would take Megan’s senior photos, I could not turn down the chance to capture this beautiful girl on the brink of adulthood… she is ready! Here are my faves!

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