Pumpkin Patch

We have been going to the same farm and pumpkin patch for our pumpkins almost every year since the kids were born, and last night we finally made our annual trip. We were all in a bit of a funk, and we got a late start, so we were chasing light and the kids were on the hunt for the “perfect” pumpkins, while I was determined to get a few cute photos. Anyway, we were there for a corn maze, pumpkins, and donuts, not for a photo session, but I did the best I could (no amazing maze photos, I was busy holding Alice’s hand, and the donuts just sort of vanished…).  Here are our pumpkins in the pumpkin patch. Perfection is overrated!
20171018-0003-B20171018-0011-BThis was not the one she ended up with. She needed her pumpkin be perfectly round, and it could not have a flat side. 20171018-0023-BThis is what she gives me now when I aim a camera at her:20171018-0047-B20171018-0051-B20171018-0065-BHenry was mighty proud of his big pumpkin. “I think this is the biggest pumpkin I’ve ever gotten!” 20171018-0071-B20171018-0074-BHere we are attempting a good group photo of three children – as elusive as that perfect pumpkin.20171018-0113-B20171018-0119-B2017Pumpkins12017Pumpkins2And, one last shot before I put away the camera… Alice’s scary face! 20171018-0172-B

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