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  • Hello, my name is Mindy, and thank you so much for visiting MindyLeigh.com! Right now I am unable to accommodate new clients, as I have dialed back my workload for personal reasons. However, I am maintaining this blog to show the work I do, as well as to have a place to share personal photos and thoughts.

    My focus is on lifestyle photography, mainly of babies, children, families, and maternity, and in all my work I strive to capture real moments and genuine emotions, with a style that is creative yet timeless. While I have photographed numerous engagements and weddings, please note that I have stepped away from this area of photography. I understand this is disappointing, as I continue to receive emails for engagement and wedding photography. I really wish I could say yes to everyone, but right now I need to say "yes" to my own family! Thank you for understanding!

Violet & Connor | newborns

A couple weeks ago I got to photograph two beautiful twin babies, Connor and Violet. They are the precious son and daughter of Brittani & Jason, whose maternity photos I took back in August, and whose wedding I photographed a couple years prior! It is such a huge honor and compliment to have past clients come back and ask me to document the next milestone in life, and this one is so special. I absolutely adored spending time with these cuties. Thank you again, Brittani and Jason, for letting me capture these little miracles in photos! They are adorable!

In the basket photos, Connor is on the left, and Violet is on the right.

I loved their nursery. It is such a sweet, warm, classic space with gorgeous wallpaper and shimmery neutral tones. Absolutely stunning!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. The older kids are back to school, I just put Alice down for a nap, and I’m watching the snow fall as the closing credits of Sesame Street plays behind me (I should just turn off the TV now… okay, that’s better). The house seems so quiet, especially after the excitement and activity of the last two weeks!

I haven’t had much going on for photography lately, which I admit I have enjoyed. Tomorrow I photograph newborn twins, and there are a couple more babies on the way (yes, I am excited, and already feeling the crazy amount of pressure I put on myself before every session). Aside from that, there are still just a few loose ends to tie up with my business, but I’ll get there, eventually. I feel like I’ve been falling behind, because my life and my family are just more important to me than anything, and there are only so many hours in the day. While I will continue with photography on a limited basis, I have a feeling this blog is going to head in a new direction this year. So friends, stay tuned. I don’t want two blogs, I do want to be open and honest on my own site about my own life. I’m not sure exactly what that will mean, but I’ll figure it out as I go.

We missed our White Christmas, but it sure is a beautiful winter wonderland in West Michigan now! Here is Lucy sledding in the front yard on the last day of winter break…

Laura & Justin | expecting

I love maternity sessions and newborn sessions, so much hope and expectation, joy and wonder. What a perfect compliment to the holiday season! Laura and Justin are looking forward to meeting their baby girl later this winter, and they are bringing her into a family that is clearly so full of love and happiness. We met in Holland on a very chilly Saturday, a little blanket of snow on the ground and the shrubs, and holiday decorations beginning to pop up along the downtown sidewalks. I wore extra layers for this one! These two (three) are as sweet and gracious as anyone can be, and I loved spending this time with them. Maternity photos are priceless, for what feels like a long wait is truly a fleeting phase, one that I hope they look back on fondly. Laura and Justin, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I will look forward to seeing you again when your baby arrives!

Amanda & Jake | expecting another!

I loved taking Mandy and Jake’s maternity photos a little over two years ago. It was honestly one of my favorite sessions of all time. After their baby girl arrived, I took her newborn photos, and she has been gracing the top of my blog ever since. Now their precious little Hadley is two, and she is about to become a big sister! Since our last sessions, they have moved to beautiful Rockford, so we met downtown. It was so lovely to see them, Mandy looks just gorgeous and she and Jake are amazing parents to their daughter, who is a sweetie with a little stubborn streak starting to show up… just a little. I had so much fun with them, walking around and catching up on life, and taking some special photos to capture this time right before baby makes four! Mandy and Jake are waiting until the birth to find out the gender, so I’m excited for them and look forward to hearing the news when the time comes (and taking newborn photos)!

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