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  • Hello, my name is Mindy, and thank you so much for visiting MindyLeigh.com!

    My focus is on lifestyle photography, mainly of babies, children, families, and maternity, and in all my work I strive to capture real moments and genuine emotions, with a style that is creative yet timeless. While I have photographed numerous engagements and weddings, please note that I have stepped away from this area of photography. I understand this is disappointing, as I continue to receive emails for engagement and wedding photography. I really wish I could say yes to everyone, but right now I need to say "yes" to my own family! Thank you for understanding!

Our Family | 2015

Back in May, we had our photos taken by my good friend Stacey. The last time we had photos taken, I was pregnant with Alice, so we needed an update! It was also nice to be in some more photos with my kids, since I am usually the one with the camera. I am late to sharing these, since it has been a busy summer! I am amazed at how much the kids have changed in just a few short months! Thank you again Stacey. Here are some of my favorites!

The Boedeker Family

A couple weeks ago I drove down to the beautiful town of South Haven to capture an extended family, who were vacationing together from various parts of the country. They were all so nice, the adults relaxed and friendly, the kids so polite and fun, it was my pleasure to spend a little time with them! This group of people all together in one place is a rare event, and how special that is was certainly not lost on me. I hope their time in South Haven was filled with wonderful memories! Here are the highlights from our session.

Amy & Troy | expecting

Amy and Troy are expecting their first baby this September, and I had the joy of taking maternity portraits to capture this beautiful little family at Amy’s alma mater, Aquinas College, in Grand Rapids. I truly loved meeting them, and I look forward to meeting their precious son or daughter in a few weeks! Amy you are simply gorgeous and glowing, and I know that you and Troy will be wonderful parents! Thank you so so much for choosing me to take these photos! I hope you enjoy this preview!

Anna & Jacob

Anna and Jacob are two sweet kiddos who have been having their picture taken by yours truly for quite a few years now (since each of their newborn sessions)! I just love spending time with this family, and had a great time with their mom Sarah during our session! I think they had a lot of fun too. I hope they like this preview of my favorite images from this session!

Cora Lynn’s Birth

A little while ago Jenn contacted me about possibly photographing the birth of their third child. I was of course excited about the idea, and let her know all the details…  there are so many unknowns, there is always a possibility it won’t work out for me to be there. She kept me posted over the past week or so, and yesterday I was excited to see a text in the morning that contractions were starting! When things became more intense later in the afternoon, she went to the hospital, was admitted, and before long, it was go time! I am glad I arrived when I did, and that I was able to hold my hands steady to capture the smoothest, calmest (and quickest) birth I have ever witnessed! Maybe my hands weren’t shaking, but it felt like the rest of me was! What an absolute honor and privilege to witness a new life entering the world! Jenn was strong and calm and amazing, and JJ was a perfect support to her. Both of their mothers also had the joy of seeing their newest granddaughter’s birth, and everyone was just in awe! After Cora was born, Jenn held her against her chest and marveled at her, constant smiles all around. Congratulations again, I look forward to seeing little Cora (and her big brother and sister) grow, and may you always remember this moment!

After a quick check, the doctor said the baby was ready to be born, and Jenn was in a slight state of shock that it was already time! Everyone thought there would be a bit more waiting. Clearly she was excited and ready!

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