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  • Hello, my name is Mindy, and thank you so much for visiting MindyLeigh.com! Right now I am unable to accommodate new clients, as I have dialed back my workload for personal reasons. However, I am maintaining this blog to show the work I do, as well as to have a place to share personal photos and thoughts.

    My focus is on lifestyle photography, mainly of babies, children, families, and maternity, and in all my work I strive to capture real moments and genuine emotions, with a style that is creative yet timeless. While I have photographed numerous engagements and weddings, please note that I have stepped away from this area of photography. I understand this is disappointing, as I continue to receive emails for engagement and wedding photography. I really wish I could say yes to everyone, but right now I need to say "yes" to my own family! Thank you for understanding!

Our Kids | Fall 2014

It was time for some updated photos of the kids! The last time I did this with all three was around Christmastime last year, it was very cold and Alice was very little (and very unhappy about the whole thing). As a photographer who takes photos of groups of children all the time, I should be fairly capable of doing this quickly and painlessly, right? Haha, well ask any photographer and they will roll their eyes and chuckle, as photographing your own children is far more difficult than photographing other people’s kids! But, I’m not really complaining today, because of all the things to have to “worry” about, taking photos of my three amazing children is somewhere toward the bottom of the list. We are so blessed by these three. As much as they can sometimes drive me up the wall (just being real), the majority of the time I could not be more proud or captivated.

Because their birthdays are so close together, it works out well each fall to attempt our “official” picture day, and we went to a nearby park (a favorite spot of mine). Lucy is turning 8, Henry is turning 6, and Alice just turned 1!  The kids have changed so much over the past year, but one thing never changes: I love them more than words can say. Happy birthday(s), kids! I hope all your dreams come true.

Alice Jane | One Year

This little girl brings so much joy and light into our family. She was a wish in my heart for so long, and she came into our lives at just the right time. I just can’t believe our baby is one year old! I would love to go back to her very first day, just one more time, and I would try not to blink. She is growing into a toddler full of personality – charming, determined, vocal, and curious. She wants to be in the mix with Lucy and Henry, and she wants to eat whatever you are eating. She sort of says Dada and Mama, and is taking several steps on her own, but not a full-on walker quite yet! She gets a kick out of Sesame Street and The Muppets… well, so do I. She loves her pink birdie blanket, bath time, opening cabinets, and being spun around in my arms… she just giggles like crazy! She smiles all the time. She has an easy-going personality and is easy to take places. If she misses a nap (like on Sundays), she copes really well. As Henry says, “she’s the best baby in town”. I think so too! We enjoy sleeping through the night now. Her on-again / off-again love affair with midnight feedings seems to be a thing of the past… but I miss it in a weird way. I just know those days fade into the fuzzy, sleepy parts of your memory, so I cling to them more tightly. It has not all been easy, as babies are pretty exhausting and inconsistent little things, but we are so lucky to have a sweet, healthy little girl who we all adore so much. One year of smiles and milestones… and hundreds of pictures on my phone have (hopefully) captured her first year in modern-day “polaroids” for us to look back on forever! I will have some real pictures to share soon, but it’s fun to take a walk down memory lane with the Instagrams. Just like that she goes from tiny newborn to a flippy-haired little girl stepping across the living room. Snap your fingers. Just like that. I love you Alice! Happy birthday!

0-3 Months: September 18 – Decemeber 25, 2013

3 Months to About 7 Months (January – April 2014)

7 Months – 1 Year (April – September 2014)

Megan | senior session

I have known Megan for a couple of years now, as she babysits our kids occasionally, and she is the oldest daughter of our good friends. I don’t often do senior sessions, but I could not say no to this girl – she is just a wonderful young woman, beautiful inside and out! I hope her senior year is amazing, unforgettable, and successful. I wish her all the best in life, and I have no doubt she will do great things. Thank you again for choosing me as your photographer! I loved taking your pictures!

Breckon | 1 year preview

Breckon, you sure made me (and your parents) work for your photos! But, when you smile so big like this, it is all worth it! XOXO

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